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." three years later barack obama is in the white house and dealing with some of the same issues that has frustrated previous guest: guest: presidents, including george w. bush. where you stand depends on where you sit applies to all senators. when you are in the minority you are going to fight to keep all the rights you have. when you're in the majority, it is quite frustrating to live in a world where minorities can exploit any number of rules to slow down the clock. host: let us look at this graph about approving federal judges, some executive employments. a comparison on the issue of federal judges between president obama, which has had 92 % confirmed and president bush that has had 97 % confirmed. that does not seem out of the realm. guest: judging from any of these numbers, they can be sliced and diced in a number of different ways. if we look at conch permission rates -- that confirmation rates by congress, they have plummeted since the 80s. recent congresses have dipped down into the 60s and it has been a little precarious. the perception that it is harder to get nominees from the
to this video as evidence. >> reporter: the obama administration is condemning the violence and will not take sides. the white house says it will take more time to determine whether to call morsi's ouster a military coup. >> tens of thousands had legitimate arguments. and they do not believe this was a coup. >> reporter: former secretary of state adviser, john alderman, says the u.s. has an interest in keeping aid flowing to one of the strongest allies in the region. >> the law says if there is a military coup, the u.s. has to cut off aid. there is a coup. and the readministration-- administration is not wanting to cut off funding. >> reporter: egypt's interim president calls to an end to the violence. he is trying to steer the country. in a new direction. >> now, the u.s. say its is still committed to giving $1 billonnion -- billion in aid to egypt this year. >>> fort meade. the court-martial of army private bradley manning. he is accused of leaking a massive amount of secrets. the defense opened by showing video of a u.s. helicopter attack in baghdad, which it claims dozens of analysts had
down the war in afghanistan, an official tells cnn president obama is considering pulling off troops from that country in 2014. the white house apparently growing frustrated with hamid karzai. it may be a negotiating tactic. they are trying to work out a long term deal to keep some u.s. service members on the ground after the draw down. >>> the wife of secretary of state john kerry is said to be doing better. a source close to the family tells cnn, 74-year-old has symptoms consistent with a seizure. her condition is upgraded to fair. they hope to have good news to report today. >>> the latest white house projection says the deficit will shrink by $214 billion. of course it won't be gone completely, washington is spending about $1 trillion more than it takes in. spending cuts are paying off. >> what is three quarters of a trillion dollars? >> pocket change. >> check this out. this is in tron corontotoronto,. >> that's a road? >> i'm sure it's a road completely under water. nearly four inches fell in just hours. 100,000 customers are without power. passengers were stuck in the subway s
house is debating a complete pullout of u.s. troops from afghanistan perhaps as soon as next year. obama administration officials tell cbs news, frustration with afghan's president karzai is contributing to the possible reversal of the plan that had been to keep a small number of american troops over there after 2014. and house speaker john boehner says he's had concerns about u.s. involvement in afghanistan for some time. however, no official decision has been made yet. >>> the countdown is on for the birth of prince william and kate's baby. okay. by some media reports, the fourth in line to the british throne is due in just four days. that would be, oh, saturday. the duchess of cambridge is in london but prince william is on duty with the royal air force about 300 miles away in wales. and he is reportedly planning to take a helicopter home just to make it to the hospital on time. first word of the baby's arrival will go to the queen. a notice will then be posted on an easel outside buckingham palace and the royals will also tweet the news on the birth. so much for-- >> a notice on an e
to this video of a demonstrator with a weapon as evidence. >> reporter: the obama administration is condemning the violence and will not take sides. the white house says it will take more time to determine whether to call morsi's ouster a military coup. >> tens of millions of protestors have legitimate complaints against morsi's government. and they do not believe this was a coup. >> reporter: former secretary of state john alterman says the u.s. has an interest in keeping aid flowing to one of the strongest allies. >> the law says that if there has been a coup, the u.s. has to cut off aid. there has been a coup. and the u.s. doesn't want to quit giving aid. >> reporter: egypt's interim president called for an end to the violence as he tries to steer the country forward to a new election. >> reporter: danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news remember. >> the u.s. is reviewing its obligations to egypt under law and will consult with congress before any move is made about our country's aid to egypt. >>> firefighters are back on the scene of a two-alarm fire in elkton, cecil county. more than 60
-- conservative house republicans do not support citizenship for those living here illegally. but the obama administration says they will not include legislation that does not include the possibility of citizenship. >>> san francisco has launched a new initiative to help the undocumented immigrants become citizens if congress passes legislation. mayor ed lee announced the public private partnership yesterday called pathway to it -- pathway to citizenship. >>> well, for the first time ever, san francisco supervisor jane kim said the pledge of allegiance at a board meeting. she said it's in response to the supreme court ruling last month striking down the federal defense of marriage act. kim made headlines for standing during the pledge but rerefusing to say the words. this is video back in 2011. she said she took issue with the words "liberty and justice for all." >>> well, "star wars" creator george lucas is heading to the white house. he will be receiving a national medal of arts. president obama will award the medal during a ceremony. elaine may and musician herb alpert will be honored. a
on the individual mandate now. >> i think repeal the whole thing. >> but they have 37 times in the house. >> but the case can be made to the american people. what obama is doing with this -- i laugh when i hear people, you know, it's all falling apart on obama, rush. no it's not. he's getting everything he wants on what you just mentioned. the honor system, anybody can say i qualify for subsidy. obama wants two things with this that happen on friday you're talking about. if you notice, he's out campaigning for a bill that's already the law of the land. he's getting hollywood, nfl players to get everybody to push this. why? 2010 is one key. the democrats lost down the ballot. it was deep. it was rotten. they lost the house. and it was because a tea party came to life because of obamacare. second thing is, the more people they can entice to come in and sign up the harder it's going to be to take it away. you get the entitlement. you get the webs and the tentacles deep into the fabric of society and it will never be repealed or taken away. >> you have to go now. one fast question, do you no
where members of the house gop conference said this bill reeks of obama care. it was done behind closed doors. that's a really hard thing for marco rubio to overcome in a gop primary. >> he's 1 of 13 senators that voted for it. that's not half but it is a significant number. >> chr . >>> we are waiting closing arguments shortly in the george zimmerman trial. more live coverage right after this. saving and spending. all in one well-organized place. for seeing the small details and the big picture, so you can do more with your money. for finding out how pnc virtual wallet® can help you, go to pnc bank. for the achiever in you®. thto fight chronic. osteoarthritis pain. to fight chronic low back pain. to take action. to take the next step. today, you will know you did something for your pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a pain reliever fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of su
he said he may take its option because prevented president obama from picking the people he wanted. senator mcconnell said the filibuster change would be unprecedented. this is next on c-span. the house passed a revised farm bill today about food stamp and nutrition spending. , a look at the military and political situation in afghanistan. the new senior root -- congressional porter from political joining us. the meeting? of >> it sounds like harry reid is ready to go forward with the nuclear option, to change the senate rules by 51 votes, rather than the normal threshold of 67 votes. the higher threshold is usually your -- usually set to make it harder to occur. he says he is so frustrated with the use of the majority party to block legislation moving forward that he will invoke this very unusual procedure to change the rules by 51 votes. we want to vote -- change the filibuster rules so no longer 60 votes will be required to facinge a filibuster presidential nominees for executive branch positions. would only affect executive , noth decisions traditional nominees, not legislation
, below that poorly. right now barack obama is 46%. democrats have work to do before the house is in play. >> george bush off the sidelines after self-imposed silence, he's been talking about immigration reform and backing it at a speech at the presidential center in dallas. i think this will be important. >> it will be interesting to watch the dynamics of that, too. talk about the conservative revolt over this. will that hasten or halt. want to thank state senator of new jersey, real clear politics and the atlantic guests. thank you for getting up and thank you for joining us. be back next week saturday and sunday 8:00 a.m., guests will include congresswoman kelly. next melissa harris-perry live from the essence festival in new orleans. the next move in the fight to protect voting rights. are we witnessing a rebirth of the civil rights movement. >>> mhp coming up live from the essence festival in new orleans. we'll see you here next week on ooupz. "up." ♪ summer's best event from cadillac. let summer try and pass you by. lease this all-new cadillac ats for around $299 per month or purc
everyone. keep up the good work. [applause] >> house gop leaders called on president obama and senate democrats to reduce student loan interest rates and rates on new subsidized stafford loans doubled after congress failed to reach an agreement by july 1 deadline. this is 10 minutes. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> in afternoon trade today marks one week the senate has taken action to protect students all across this country. although the democrat senate has been known for months that on july 1, many student loans, federal student loans would double, they have been more involved in internal bickering rather than addressing the issue. the students are surrounded with us today, they are all suffering because of this. one example is a woman from eastern washington, she is working at a local mcdonald's drive through in washington to help pay for rising tuition at washington state university. when she heard that her federal loans may be doubling, she's an aspiring economist, maybe a public servant, she was not sure she could finish school. u
deficit and a housing market boom and bust. >> the obama administration says it will spend billions to keep struggling homeowners in their homes. >> moyers: american families had been hit by the greatest economic downturn since the great depression. >> we're raised to believe that each generation can and will do better than the last. but is that really true? >> moyers: we wanted to know what had happened to the two american families we knew. we found jackie stanley outside her church. how are you? >> the graduate! >> moyers: along with a grown-up keith, now 35. >> i never would have made it to college, never would have made it to college, without mom. >> moyers: but jackie quickly confided that when we called her to see about filming again, she almost said no. i was telling kathy i thought i was a failure. i really thought i was a failure because i didn't do it. we went backwards. >> moyers: she said that after suffering some health problems, she had quit doing real estate altogether, that her dream of having her own office had come to nothing, that she hadn't done enough to make it
handed to the times by the white house as sort of a trial balloon? is this the case of the obama administration trying to gauge the public on this potential big change in plans? is this scoop being handed to the times by somebody in the administration who is fighting for this so-called zero option against resistance in the administration but they want to use the front page of "the times" as leverage, which is in favor of doing is this way? is the obama administration not really intending to move forward with the option at all, but maybe leaking it as a possibility for scaring the afghan government for a strategy? if that is the strategy it may be worth checking on whether or not we can all be sure that the idea of leaving troops in fashion may be more scary? everybody thought the iraqi idea was scary, too, but they were glad to see us go. we tried to scare them with that and they clapped. the times says they hold a range of views on how quickly the u.s. should leave afghanistan. so maybe it is not just one of those scenarios, it is a bunch of them mixed together. but this is a re
pushing a presidential bid for hillary clinton in 2016 is hiring a firm that president obama's successful campaign operations. hillary clinton has not said whether she will seek the white house in 2016. she stepped down as secretary of state in february. but the super pac for hillary clinton has hired a democratic firm to oversee grass roots organizing, volunteer training and recruit president. the firm helped get president obama elected in 2008 and re-elected last year. >> senate democrats will vote today to try to bring student loans interest rates back down with rates doubling to 6.8 percent july 1 and the stat measure will bring the rates back to 3.4 percent if one year. if lawmakers do not manage to pass the measure, the increase could mean an extra $2,600 for the average student in the fall. >> new ever surfaces in the murder investigation involving former tight end, hernandez and he could be linked to a deadly shooting. >> cut at the neighborhood post office and a move by the postal service could affect you. >> drink or tipsy, men and women see a big difference after they have had
she heads back to school. she was part of the kid's state dinner at the white house last night. rose scott is one of 54 students who won the invite to dine with the obamas. her recipe for pork and tofu lettuce cups is one of the winners of the second nationwide healthy lunchtime challenge sponsored by first lady michelle obama. congratulations to her. >> that is very, very cool. love to see that. >>> an ohio little league team right now has a very special sponsor so they can make some sweet music out on the field. how about grammy-winning band the black keys in the west akron orioles, made up of 6 to 8-year-olds, look at those little studs running out on the field, look at their jerseys on the back there strike says the black keys on the back, the bonus you get when you pay for them. the band reportedly sponsored the team for the low, low price of $300. any chose west akron little league because two of the band members used to play in that league as kids. >>> it will be harder to know went ice cream man is in the neighborhood in one southern california city. the long beach city counc
rogues? >> wait a second. they had a directive from the white house. that's basically been proven. >> you don't know that. >> they said it! >> i'm not saying it's obama. that cincinnati office said they had a directive from washington to go after these groups. there's something systemically wrong. >> then punish the people who gave the directive. why punish all the agency? >> then to charlie's point -- >> because it's as inherently flawed. >> to charlie's point, when you have a few rogue people, that means those people aren't being supervi superviseed. >> and they're not -- >> charles -- >> here's what worries me. they lied every step of the way. they said only a few conservative groups. turned out to be hundreds. only a few groups, no, no, we're not accidentally releasing information. lo and behold, we found out 100,000 social security numbers were released. i'm telling you where there's aif pattern there's a way to say, you're obviously not up to the job you're presently doing. rein them in. >> to daigen's point -- >> why aren't -- >> they don't know who they are yet. >> exponentially h
obama we are neither respected nor feared. >> the tours are closed to kids who what president to go and learn about what goes on in dc. they want to see the white house. they are closed because of sequestration. now we will spend $630,000 on sequestration. would you rather have white house tours open or more people liking the state department? >> obviously white house tours open. but the whole sequestration thing was a myth. the president said everything is shutting down and we will have sequestration and everything will be cut back and nothing and going to work and nothing. nothing. we haven't experienced anything. it is just crazy. and this idea of spending $630,000 is out the door. they might as well be giving it away. it is so ridiculous the whole thing. you have to stop it. >> it is so ridiculous that it has to be true. that's how crazy it is. i like all of you guys. we will say thank you to monica and christian for joining us this week. >> pleasure. >> coming up, what is happening in egypt over there could impact us here. >>> time for what do i need to know for next week. peop
at 4:00. also, kids take over the white house. as we mentioned about 20 minutes ago, that is, first lady michelle obama is holding a state dinner for children. coming up tonight at 4:00 we will take you inside. join us beginning at 4:00 this afternoon. aaron. >> should be fun. pat, thank you. >>> time now for a last check on our forecast this morning. amelia segal back inside with us. what do you say. >> warmed up 2 degrees since the start of midday, 82 degrees, high of 88. some. limited. some scattered showers and sprinkles. you need to keep the umbrella handy. for the evening hours around 6:00 p.m. into the overnight hours we'll be mainly dry. as we talk about tomorrow, some scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms are likely, about a 40% chance. any storms could contain heavy downpours. high of 91, thursday, cold front moves in the area, better chance of widespread rains and storms. downpours possible on thursday. that could lead to flash flooding. we'll keep an eye on that. high temperature of 87. that front is going to bring comfortable air mass for friday and saturday acr
for about 100 years started with tr, fdr was intense on this. and barack obama has been even more intense; right? he announced for president and springfield before the old state house there. he takes the oath on the lincoln bible. i believe someone told me independently confirmed it he mentioned lincoln 230 sometime or something sin he was president. i think it's important to get lincoln right. if you get lincoln right, you get america right. you get what i believe should be our animating purpose as conservatives. by way of introduction they are common misconception of. we think of him as a man of the earth. the accidental president. the tribunal of the common people and common sense. i think it underestimates him. he wouldn't be surprised. it was a way he looked. the way he he said one in the white house he had the insight that god must love common looking people. he made more of them. he was common looking. but anyone who is judged him on the basis of his looks or thought any of those things i mentioned about him was making a grave mistake. this was a fear ambition man from the very you
: and president obama won the white house by criticizing president bush. but now number 43 says his predecessor might want to take those words back? we'll explain. "fox & friends" hour two for this monday starts right now. >> brian: we're following a bunch of breaking stories. new video right now on the moment asiana flight 214 crash landed in san francisco. watch. >> oh, my god. it's an accident. >> you're filming it, too. >> oh, my god! >> oh, no! >> oh, my god! >> brian: wow. the video captures it hitting the runway and almost flipping on its side. this morning we're learning the pilot of that plane had never landed a 777 jet at that airport before and he tried to abort the landing 7 seconds before impact. adam housley joins us with the unfolding details at the san francisco international airport where he's been parked all weekend long. adam? >> good morning. we talked about the different details have come out. it seems like something new comes out every hour or two, even overnight. ntsb continues to provide more details. you talk about the time line. look at the video, this coming from acro
president cars site pushing obama to consider this zero troop option speeding up the withdrawal will be no u.s. troops behind after 2014. >> the house has made clear there is does your option on the table. >> in the january 8 conference call with washington d.c. and the president does not have these negotiations to keep the troops in afghanistan. >> we stated that zero was an option. >> it was a shot across the bows and the president is upset of the cars i attitude and the fracturing relationship and he wants to tell him he has the option to pull the american rug out from underneath him. >> a conference call between the president and cars i was said to tip the balance. >> i was told that was a mitigated disaster. both presidents went after each other. cars die with pri in on the one hand to cut off relations with the united states because we talk to the taliban in the president tried to get his agenda through and teeeighteen was not listening. >> after the id ministration failed to negotiate an agreement to allow any troops to stay as a stabilizing force. in a 1,000 iraqis were killed in sec
to press the case for reform. 11:00 a.m., obama held a lengthy strategy session with the congressional black hispanic caucus. across town at 3:00 p.m., all 234 house republicans were scheduled to meet in a veritable immigration therapy session. but if you think it all points towards some hope for progress on the issue, you probably didn't see the headline on politico today. immigration reform heads for slow death. what's going on, you ask? here's the answer. republicans walked away from their 2012 debacle hellbent on fixing their problems with hispanics and now hellbent on making them worse. republicans on capitol hill predict comprehensive immigration reform will die a slow months' long death in the house. let's get right to it. joining us msnbc contributor steve schmitt and jim vandehei. executive editor at politico who reported that story. jim, isn't the rub of this the fact that we have hyperpartisanship and so few republicans in the house are representing hispanics in their districts. consequently there's no accountability when they go home? >> that's a huge part of. this house re
appointies that are political, three democratic and two republican based on who's in the white house. but, of course, they won't give that to president obama. so the last person on the labor relations board, his term will end on august 1st just a few weeks away, and then what? do you really think between now and 2016 that the republicans are going to step to the plate and help president obama put together what fdr started 78 years ago? the answer is hell no. this is about attacking workers. this is about attacking minorities. this is about keeping the working folk down, concentrating the wealth. more corporate power, and a restrictive approach when it comes to growing our economy. now, with all of that, we have added 40 months of private sector job growth with no help from the republicans. we'll talk about that in the next segment but i want this country, every american, to understand that you don't have to be in a union to be affected by the national labor relations board because if there's no overriding arbitrator. if there's no overriding board that can make decisions in disputes and m
. >> president obama says he will consider what w.drawing all u.s. troops from afghanistan by the end of the year. a senior white house official made that statement today. until now, officials discussed keeping a small force behind but the president is becoming frustrated with the lack of cooperation we have yorts to reach some sorts of truce with the sal tallahasseely ban. >> we're learning about what it's like inside asiana flight 214. coming up we'll hear from some of the youngest survivor autos i'm strong enough to walk through hell with a smile on my face. >> voices of resilience. three ohio women held captive for a decade speak for the first time since their rescue. what they want the world to know. >> admitted nsa leaker edward snowden reportedly has an offer of a new home tonight. >>> investigateor vdz spoken with all four pilots an board the flight that crashed at sfo on saturday. >> there are serious questions about experience levels and how much they may have relied on auto mated flight systems. >> the parents of the two girls are here at this hotel after having flown in from china the
a difference here. on the other hand, you have got an antigovernment, frankly anti-obama faction that took over the house in 2010. their numbers are small but their voices are loud, and it is, i think, their core belief that congress and the federal government cannot and should not legislate. that government has no meaningful or constructive role to play in our society. i worry that that belief informs their tactics of stall and delay, investigate and repeal. the huffington post reported this week that this congress, in particular this house, has had only 15 bills signed into law so far. 15. you have to go back a long time to find a congress that has passed fewer pieces of legislation between house and senate than this one, the 113th congress. democrats and many republicans lawmakers look at this as an embarrassment. at a time of enormous challenges overseas and at home for us to take so few actions together, but the tea party and some conservative ideologues look at it as an accomplishment, who say that any compromise is a four-letter word, especially if the alternative is broad or progressive
on student loans. both house and senate intelligence committees have blocked any effort to provide aid to the rebels in syria. even though they demanded that president obama do so, now that the president has done so, they're against it. it just sort of sums up what's wrong with congress. your calls and comments welcome. we'll tell you all about what's going on here on current tv. are you encouraged by what you heard the president say the other night? is this personal or is it political? a lot of my work happens by doing the things that i am given to doing anyway. staying in tough with everything that is going on politically and putting my own nuance on it. not only does senator rubio just care about rich people but somehow he thinks raising the minimum wage is a bad idea for the middle class. but we do care about them, right? vo: the war room tonight at 6 eastern we have a big big hour and the iq will go way up. (vo) current tv gets the converstion started weekdays at 9am eastern. >> i'm a slutty bob hope. >> you are. >> the troops love me. (vo) tv and radio talk show host stephanie
concerned about obama care and administration's refusal to enforce that law. they're worried about spending. they're worried about the debt. >> reporter: in fact, many house republicans are less concerned about losing hispanic votes they they are of the fury they could face on the right. that gives you a sense of just how tricky this is going to be and it's going to take many months. nancy cordes, bs news, capitol hill. >>> well, egypt is bracing for what could be more political clashes today. thousands of supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi rallied in cairo last night. the u.s. is criticizing the egyptian military and the interim government for arresting members of morsi's muslim brotherhood party. congress is expecte to discuss soon whether to continue sending more than $1 billion in aid to egypt. >>> and for the first time ever, ireland's par lament voted to legalize abortion in exceptional circumstances. the bill was passed through this morning permitting doctors to abort an unborn babe if a mother's life is at risk. critics worry the bill will eventually lead to more liberal l
at the moscow airport. the white house said that moments ago, that president obama is going to call russian president vladimir putin and snoed an apparently appeared nervous, we're told, but is apparently in good health and during this meeting, it was behind closed doors, in the transit zone of moscow airport where he has been holed up for the past three weeks in this sort of purgatory of not being able to go one way or the other. so let's bring in fox's jennifer griff in for the latest on this. what more do we know about these meetings today with amnesty, international? >> this is fascinating. it's the first glimpse that we've had of edward snowden since he arrived at the moscow airport on june 23rd. he called in the representatives of am naesty international, human rights watch in moscow, and he made a statement, the meeting lasted about 45 minutes. it's a part of sheremetyevo airport that the russians had to give permission to the human rights groups to go in to the part of the transit lounge where snowden has been staying. it's clear that snowden would like to have temporary asylum in i
with the honor and focus the american public expects. the white house released a statement by president obama. 'shave come to rely on janet judgment and advice, but i've also come to value her french. i wish her the best of luck. friendship. -- value her friendship. >> it is important that we identified the enemy correctly. these attacks on our homeland and others such as the 2005 london bombing were motivated by a singular purpose. the on aware bomber, the times square thames, the brothers, -- wereimes square attempt part of the jihadist goal of islamic domination and the murder of people they regard as infidels in order to accomplish that goal. >> let me speak of social media and the old adage that you cannot establish a relationship in a crisis. we have significant presence on social media where we engage in a one-way communication and a dialogue with people in the community about all sorts of issues day in and day out. we can use social media effectively to a form people as to where they can go, where they can meet loved ones. there was an enormous amount of of said in the community and w
you very much. coming up next, president obama was quick to way weigh in on the trayvon martin death last year. why is the white house refusing now to comment on the situation? that report moments away. >> laura: back nau with life coverage of the george zimmerman murder trial. a case that is playing out all over the country, including the white house briefing room. >> is the president watching this trial and does he have any concerns as to what the response might be once it's come to its conclusion? >> i think that -- well, the president, as you know, does not spend a lot of time watching television during the day. but, you know, his comments on that are, you know, what they were, but, we're not going to say anything from here in the midst of a trial of that nature. >> laura: not going to say anything that wasn't the case last year when shortly after trayvon martin's death the president said this: >> can i only imagine what these parents are going through. and when i think about this boy, i think about my own kids. my main message is to to the parents of trayvon martin. you know, if
a propaganda platform. heavy criticism yesterday from the white house and the state department and president obama got on the phone to call president putin. russia has said they were neutral, they couldn't help him in this transit area. officials are telling me by allowing him to have this press conference, to meet with human rights activists, they're almost in effect treating him as if he almost has asylum already. so what the u.s. is really urging, they hope russia still has a chance to do the right thing, send him back to the united states, but president putin is in a bit of a box now because he is not -- he's in a lose/lose situation. on one hand domestically he needs to show he's the strong man not bowing to the united states and caving to the pressure. at the same time he wants to preserve his relationship with president obama. the two leaders are supposed to have a summit in september. officials tell me that's on hold while this whole matter is resolved. so right now there's a little bit of tension, not sure the u.s. is willing to destroy its entire relationship with russia, but they'
of equal protection under the law. >>> could former first lady hillary clinton return to the white house as president? the super pack pushing her presidential bid is joining forces with the democratic firm whose leaders built president obama's widely successful grass roots campaign operation. the ready for hillary super pack has hired 270 strategies to build a field operation and gather potential voter support for potential 206 clinton -- 2016 clinton campaign. >>> sarah palin may not be done with politics after all. the former alaska governor said tuesday she's considering a bid for u.s. senate against democrat mark begich. she revealed her possible bid to sean hanty. she >>> rusty the red panda is back in his exhibit at the national zoo now. he's already getting quite a crowd because everybody missed him apparently. rusty escaped for a while and made a few stops around the city before he got picked up in adams morgan. >> i can't imagine walking around d.c. and hey, is that a panda? >> if i escaped from any place, i would end up at adams morgan, too. it's a great place. >> for a little
ducks who drove buses with injured passengers to the hospitals. >>> president obama giving thanks to emergency personnel and a statement released by the white house said he expressed his gratitude for the first responders and that his thoughts and prayers go tout to those who loves a loved one. and all of those affected by the crash. >>> our coverage continues online at that's where you can find the raw footage of news chopper 2 above the scene of the crash site as well. and you can listen to the recording during the crash. >> 8:06 now. we want to check in with how the injured are doing. ken pritchard is at san francisco general. ken? >> 53 of the passengers were brought here to san francisco hospital. 11 of them were listed in critical condition as of yesterday evening. that is down now to six after five of those listed were upgraded to serious condition. 123 passengers on that plane were uninjured and 182 were taken to a dozen hospitals around the bay area. of those taken to hospitals 49 suffered what was described as serious injuries. those that came to sf general cam
. >>> the obama administration is still being very careful in how it describe what's going on in egypt. our senior white house affairs correspondent has that story. >> reporter: five days after more cisi >> reporter: five days after more cis was removed, at odds a $1.3 billion in military assistance and the u.s. law that says it must be suspended if the military remove as democratically elected president. >> we think it would not be in the best interests of the united states to do that. we are reviewing our obligation under the law. >> reporter: john mccain disagrees. >> i believe we have to suspend aid until such time as there is a new constitution and free and fair election. >> reporter: mccain says morsi was a terrible president but the u.s. should not be supporting a coup. in a bit of a role reversal, mccain is backed up by the "washington post" which says u.s. must suspend aid. and oohe's challenged by the "wl street journal". the issue divides republicans and democrats on capitol hill. patrick leahy says the law is clear and requires a cutoff. but tennessee republican bob corker says that's
to attend the retrial. >>> the obama administration is reacting to report that is a complete troop withdraw from afghanistan is growing more likely. white house press secretary jay carney said today that the zero option is always available. but that no determination will be made until early next year when combat troops leave. he says negotiations with the afghans will help determine whether a residual force will be left in place to help fight insurgents. >>> flames and flair ups making a trip to tahoe a long one for some drivers. it's a difficult fire fight for crews in the sierra but the fire isn't the only danger facing drivers on highway 50. >>> also america no longer the most obese country in the world. the percentage of people now considered obese in another country. >> right after the break, we'll talk about the fog that's moving in. the high clouds are headed your way. and the 101-degree reading in liver -- livermore, how much cooler is it going to be out there tomorrow. at allllll that yummyness. two build your own chicken wraps with a side of chips. how do you put a price on that?
. house republicans are about to challenge the white house's authority to delay the employer mandate in obama-care. we have chairman of that subcommittee. he will give us a preview of what we can expect. gregg: the wife accused of hiring a hitman to kill her husband. now the man in the cross-hairs is pleading for mercy after she wanted him dead. >> i don't want it to look like an actual motive for the murder case. let's leave the deals to perfect! yep, and no angry bears. up to 30% off. only at icaused by acid reflux disease, relieving heartburn, relief is at hand. for many, nexium provides 24-hour heartburn relief and may be available for just $18 a month. there is risk of bone fracture and low magnesium levels. side effects may include headache, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. if you have persistent diarrhea, contact your doctor right away. other serious stomach conditions may exist. don't take nexium if you take clopidogrel. relief is at hand for just $18 a month. talk to your doctor about nexium. gregg: we are live back inside the court room in the george zi
that once had been considered hazardous. >>> it is 4:38 now. president obama, former president bush are calling on congress to pass immigration reform legislation but as cbs reporter tara mergener shows us, nothing can pass unless the house republicans can agree. >> reporter: immigrants from around the country rallied outside the u.s. capital to tell members of congress they want immigration reform. inside, house republicans met in the basement for 2.5 hours to discuss the topic. >> i think it's going great. >> any disagreements? >> reporter: about the only thing they do agree on is what must come first. >> unless there is border security first, there will be no bill. >> reporter: republicans say the only way immigration reform will pass the house is if they break it up into a bunch of smaller bills instead of one large bill. >> comprehensive has always been a swear word in the house of representatives. i think having a step-by-step approach that deals with the issue comprehensively i don't think that's it. >> reporter: not every member is in agreement. >> the republican party is li
obama. >> to be nominated by president obama has been a singular honor. >> do you remember the phone call? deborah, there's a line one, the white house? >> of course you remember the very significant moments in your life. and for me, that was certainly one of those. >> are you a pilot? >> no, i'm not. i'm not a pilot. i did soho before i got my driver's license, but i didn't keep up with it. at that time i didn't think i'd end up following in my father's footsteps. and so, but here i am today. and i'm very thankful that we have pilots who work at the board who really are the experts. and they're the ones who help me understand things. >> no pilot's license but a motorcycle license? >> i do have a motorcycle endorsement, yes. >> do you ride? >> not much, i'm a mother of three, four boys. and with this job i try to minimize the risks. so one of the things i do is to spend time with my family and work. and right now i've got to focus on other things. >> for everything in your background, a double major from virginia tech and sorority. you've always been very active. is this since you we
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